A Modest Proposal: Yoga in the Olympics

Yoga, being a growing industry and fad, needs integration into the more mainstream ideas of society; it needs to keep up with the times. Integrating yoga into the Olympics, brings education to the public, widens the range of viewers, and gives celebrity. Unbelievably still, some of the yoga community have unfounded arguments against such a process.

Yoga having its own category, with mantras—or chanting—judged by the use of instruments, pitch, and pronunciation, and asana—physical practice— judged on alignment and beauty; allows for much fluidly and creativity. 

            Many westerns still look at yoga as foreign and exotic. Yoga having a place in the Olympics educates the public, and widens the range of viewers. Merchants of both yoga and the Olympics alike have an expanded audience to sell to. As the Olympics generate an influx of money, it alleviates unemployment of instructors, and creates a place for new members in the community. Yoga integrated into the Olympics offers gains for all those involved, building esteem and capital for the industries.

            Some cry that this symbiotic relationship degrades the practice as a whole, arguing that yoga possesses no competition, and the Olympics encourage such an idea in yoga.  Logically supply and demand, the public wants this relationship! As yoga grows as an industry it needs modernization, and to mold with society. Many agues that yoga creates a non-conforming nature for those who practice, but who wants to live outside the mass? Go against the grain, live by one’s own outlandish ideas; we want to teach these values to our younger generations; that the better path to take generates aloneness and self serving, rather than acceptances and selflessness?

            We have a Darwin society, kill or be killed. Yoga keep with the times! Our whole wonderful system of government and economy birthed itself from competition. If no one competed than the foundations of our great country and economic system prove moot and wrong. Free trade and enterprise demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the best system out there, and prove the necessity of competition.

            Yoga needs capital for industry. Studios and instructors offer and teach services for compensation, everyone must pay their way into yoga with cold hard currency. Studios compete for business; why not just create this sense of competition on the matt in the Olympics? Why not use this idea to build capital?

            Clearly, yoga and the Olympics need to marry; happily, serving not only the yoga community but also the Olympics. This idea modernizes yoga, educates ignorant public and brings yoga into the main stream. 

            Talks have already begun about this wonderful concept, do your part and spread the word, put yoga in the Olympics!

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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