Spring Has Sprung

Spring has started, and for many that means a time of new growth. Yes its true many things do grow in the spring, but it is often over looked that it is not all new growth, but for many plants and animals, rather a meshing between that which was there and that which is coming into being. For many this is a constant struggle, and for me this has been a test for many years now. Still each spring teaches something new, and for me at least, this spring has been particularly productive in the meshing of the old and the new together. The running theme, though retrospectively seen, has been the idea of bringing the past and the present into one being.
I started out this spring, as many do, looking to manifest new things into my life and by trying other ways to achieve these goals. I started by looking into newer hobbies and ideas, starting with a book about Tantra. The book was “Urban Tantra” by Barbra Carrellas, and although I have had dealings with Tantra in the past, really all I knew about it was the society stereotype and the small amounts I learned from Yoga. I took my expectations, and my ‘new’ idea of Tantra and ran with it; regardless of the warnings in the introduction about stereotypes, had my own expectations of what I would gain. Much to my pleasure, this book of Tantra taught me everything but what I had expected. Tantra has emerged in my life as something to open up and move energy in ways I have never thought to before. Here in this practice I began opening up deep places in my Chakras that I had thought were already opened up.
Now here is where things begin to get interesting, because even with a small obsession with the Chakras a year or so back, much of the material I acquired never reached my brain for lack of reading and concentration. So then already before getting into chapter two of Carrellas’s book I started reopening books that had collected dust for about a year, and I began the new growth on top of older growth. I started looking at old experiments that I had done with a new light and getting much different results than the first time. I had a renewed sense every time I chanted and breathed into the energy surpluses of my centers. Things were coming back to life, much like what was happening around me.
Carrellas’s huge on breath and the Chakras. I started one teaching of hers, that not only opened the energy centers of my body, but also connected them; this was all very new. As I opened things up, I began looking deeper for something to reawaken the spirit I had inside of me lying dormant for some time now. I had learned that with engrained behavior, often times it is best to go back to the source to find something that will work. Did I ever find a surprise inside of me. Raised a Catholic and becoming a Pagan at a young age, I found that there was a system of ritual that allowed me to open up in ways that many meditations were voided from. Thus I began the long tradition in my life of taking up my wand again and casting spells and Magick.
It was the meshing of these three things that I had been looking for. Ever since I had been down a path of Yoga, I wanted a way to bring my Pagan ideas into the mix. Then, now and forever, I knew that there was truth in the old ideas of the Pagan faith, I did not want to lose this truth-though I had started to believe this was an attachment I had to remove. Granted there is much of it in the mysticism of the Hindu faith, but there was something missing with my roots tore out from under me. When coming into this spring, little did I know I would find the true way that I had been searching for.
Spring, then, is not just a way to open up the doors for something new; but rather a way to find peace among the wreckage of the past and find new growth in it. Much like the cycle of Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva; within destruction there is creation, and within creation preservation and destruction. Then my loves I beseech you, look not only to the new but the old that may be lying deep inside yourselves. There are lessons there yet, and they maybe what make you into the most beautiful flower this season.

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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