Summer’s Closing In

Summer is upon us, as the first day is June 20, and as spring wears down for some there is a hopefulness and others a hopelessness. Beltane, or high spring, is over and as we begin to move into the energies of the summer, the energies of planting are over and the time to work has began.
Many of us out there, myself included, are viewed as being very much perfectionists. No matter the amount of work that we do, or the amount of seeds we plant, it never seems like enough for the road laid ahead. As the ending of the time to plant these seeds draws closer many feel that their time to produce new projects is closing. Here is where all of us need to stop and look back for just a moment and admire the work that we have done. It is never going to be enough for some of us, still we should never get down on the work we have done. For others these are the moments when people sit back and wait to see their seeds grow. Here there is also a sense of anxiety because patients is the hardest of virtues to cultivate.
In this transformation time of energies things tend to get crazy. During the recent super moon, over May 5th, people have told me stories about not only depression, but craziness, and mood swings. Summer’s energies are scary for many people, because it means taking the final leaps for the changes that we plant in the spring. Due to these energies many people become edgy from the prospect of change. Change is not easy, even if it is for the better. The engrained behavior that we all have from our childhoods and adolescence, causes us to be comfortable with whatever is around us; even misery. So then when the time comes to make that final leap of change, many people do not find the strength, or when they are calling on it are a bit more irritable.
Just as the phoenix has to go through the pain of the fire to be reborn, so do we have to go through painful situations in order to change our own lives. The ways to become better with it is by showing understanding and kindness, to those around us; and show awareness of our own behaviors. Do not look down or get discouraged with the people and things that are being dropped away in your life so that you may grow, yet draw on your own strength to get through this time of year.
I wish you all blessings, and strength on your path sweet ones! Namaste!

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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