Death and Rebirth, The Forgotten Messages of Spring

Spring this year has presented me with some very interesting analysis of rebirth. Generally, as you may have guessed, I look at spring as a season of growth and fertility. A time to plant seeds and manifest for the coming future, yet this year alone I have had at least half a dozen accounts of death brought to me, not to mention the memories drugged up from my own past years around this time. This seeming contradictory time frame and events has caused pause in my thoughts and has lead me to a deeper understanding of rebirth magick.
At the start of my spring I felt pretty low. There were good moments, sure, and there were some promising things even better, yet nothing seemed to come to fruition no matter how hard I was trying. During the energies of Supper Moon and the Venus eclipse, there was a strange energy in the air causing much depression among my friends and I, as well as many heartbreaks of both short lived and long term relationships. As we all dug deeper into the season, more things started popping up, like deaths. It all started with one close friend of mine losing a close relative, then moved to others further out in the social spectrum ending at an acquaintance who had a good friend of his commit suicide. Life lolled on and more people seemed to be getting depressed over more people dying, finally it took a turn and I was reminded on father’s day about three deaths back to back that happened in year scissions to my own family.
About three days before father’s day my mother called to remind me that one of my fathers good friends had died that day a year earlier. I called him to cheer him up and was reminded that three years ago to father’s day my grandmother-on my father’s side-died, and the next year my cosine-also on my father’s side-killed himself. As I talked with my father to make sure he was alright, I paused my own brain and thought why each successive year was causing a period of death around me?
Now all this contemplating usually takes place on my back porch, which is located on the east side of Detroit near the river and water. This only means one thing to those who know; fish flies! One bug thats only purpose is to reproduce, and be food having only a 24 hour life span. As I watched the plague take over my back porch and cause me to retreat back into my apartment. I realized, as I closed the door preventing the pests from entering, that these seeming useless creatures had quite a bit to teach. They showed rapid movement and cycling, death and rebirth in 24 hours or less. I could not view them as having a bad message, because they reminded us that even in great times of birth, there has to be a balancing force of death. As annoying as they were, swarming like locus, they showed that even the most abundant things eventually died and usually that was slowly one by one. Nothing lasts forever.
I started looking at other parts of my life and watching things shift. I noticed with a small indifference, instead of usual frustration, how things ended and began in my life with this energy floating around. I had an old wound heal from an ex of mine and stared a new friendship based on basic human love, stopped seeing an ‘almost perfect boy’ and traded up for a ‘most defiantly bordering on perfect man’ and changed careers. As much as pain would hit my heart as things ended, the things that began were even better, and to top it all off spring’s energies were about growth and rebirth, just not the way I had expected.
Many artists, authors and metaphysical workers believe the dogma that the best growth comes through times of pain and anguish. Logically then it would only make sense that when these times of growth come to pass a few growing pains are necessary for the points to be driven home. Granted we all wish that the times of pain are ended by the time there is growth, but even as the plants pop out of the ground they need to be strong enough to break the soil. Growth is never as easy as one hopes in the spring, but if we take the lessens that life hands us often times we can make things better than the times before the painful memories.

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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