The Order of the Phoenix

I have recently been meeting many new people in my life, and as such many people have been asking me the same questions, “so what do you do?” Not to say I am not guilty of asking the very same question, as it is only polite to ask about someone; not to mention often times what people do with their time describes much about them, even the job they may love or hate. Thus I am constantly asked to define my work and activities to people in a very broad sense. Often times I will begin with “well I am a writer” which leads to the inevitable “Oh? What do you write?”

After having this conversation many times over I began to narrow the focus of this and begin to shorten the phrases and sentences that I would say. Making the conversation as compacted and conveying as possible. Still it seemed that as I have, as a spirit and ego, been changing so has my work and my words. Duh you may be thinking, especially if you have read much of my earlier work. As I began to work closer with the roots that the Divine had given me as a Spirit, so too does my aspects of importance and messages that I convey. Thus in such a long introduction I am seeking to redefine what this blog actually is, for it started as a yoga blog expanding on many concepts and works by Gurus and Yogis, and has turned into something focusing on the greater aspects of Spirit.

As I first sat down to write a new entry, I began to wonder what would be the best and most fitting subject. Last week I published something about the summer, I have posted about Beltane, and an array of other things working with the energies of the seasons both as Magick and as non-Magick concepts. I have had a few recently delve into the deeper understandings of me as a person, and my illness, also bring some back to the originally intended concepts of Yoga. Here however, I have fallen short of finding things that I should explain. Further during this time of Summer I have felt that the learning is over from books for a time, and that now I should be experiencing and experimenting with the world of Spirit and finding what lifestyle I have morphed into. Not to say I am playing, for I am not, and not to say that I have stopped learning, for I have not; I have just found myself surrounded by great Spirits who have read the other books than I and I them, we have been communicating about our interpretations of different Spiritual concepts based on our understandings. Then when life slows down and the Universe provides me with the different readings that they have talked about I will read again. Thus my blog will began again at the more technical moods when it is once more a wintery time in my life and I have sat down and been working out concepts in my own brain.

Further I wish to convey a sense of meshing and morphing. Now is the time of the phoenix, people are changing and as such so is their situations and ideas about a great many things. For example, one of my newer friends has come to me and asked questions about the changing energy in the air that he has been feeling. I have explained to him that he felt this around the Summer Solstice and yes the world is changing. However that energy goes deeper, many people will tell me and those around me that the time of the early twenties is when people grow up and learn about the ‘real world’ and life. Still many of us feel that there is something greater at the works here. I brought the questions of changing energies to another friend of mine, and he concluded with me that it was just the Solstice and the changing moon. Still I felt that this answer fell short for the question presented. There is more going on than just that.

Further there has been brought to me the idea of the ‘freak nation’, or the people in this world and generation whom do not follow the media, and do not follow the conventional ideas of dress and lifestyle. “We are the ones inheriting the earth” I am told and maybe this is true. Will it be one day while looking for a children’s book I will see the title “What it means that Mommie and Daddie have tattoos” or “Mommie and Daddie’s special friend” in reference to open marriages and polyammorous relationships? The older generations of today may not agree with me on where the world is going, or they may and do not lie it. Still this is an interesting change of ideal, but will it stick? In conjunctions you have many of the older ‘freak nation’ worried about the way that this younger generation has been interacting, and coming into the world. More than three times in the past two weeks older men and women-from my parents to my grandparents age-have told me I give them hope for the future. I felt great after this complement, then I felt sorry for the kids lumped into the group that makes them hopeless.

Times and things are changing, as such we see the media and our own work morph into something greater and different from ourselves. There is a need to work out the kinks in our lives and create a greater tomorrow from today. Look into yourselves watch the changes around you and embrace, much like the changing of the subject matter of this blog the phoenix is on fire and being reborn from the ashes, just make sure that the birth is where we all want and need it to go.

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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