Past Lives

I have been having a tickling voice in the back of my head as of late, like a nagging tug on my mind, with many universal reassurances telling me that this is the next subject matter for me to study on; that subject is past lives. Let us start with progression of the universe telling me time and again to delve deeper into these past lives and issues.

I have always had an intrest and belief in past lives and the idea of reincarnation. From the time I was a little girl I had memories from times long before me. One such example was in high school during my hour of Art History AP. During a slid show presentation of the dwellings in pre-Roman Egypt, I could actually draw the floor plans of the huts before being shown the slides.

Nonetheless, I always seemed to take the idea of past lives and myself a bit for granted. I never took out time to study this idea. Past lives are just a fact of life for me. Every spiritual path I managed to walk down talked so matter-of-factly about the ideas of past lives, there was never a question in my mind or an ah-ha moment.

So then take my surprise as the universe almost belts me with a two by four over the head concerning my past lives and those of others!

It all started a few weeks ago when I attended a Theta Healing workshop in my home town. The woman began with talking about finding the root causes to our pain and our lack of prosperity or the like. What surprised me was she brought up the idea that some of these root causes are from experiences in past lives that we may not even be aware of yet. While in meditation at the end of class, I was told that Hawk was reentering my life and for conformation I would see a hawk in the next day or two.

Well I took everything well, and kept a weather eye on the sky looking for my hawk. By the end of day two I had seen nothing and wrote it off as a fluke. This day I was drawn to make a late night trip to the coffee shop down the road from me. Nothing unnatural about that, I am a writer and needed the internet for a project. Still this was a draw that pulled me out of a dead sleep and urged me forward, and off I went.

While at this coffee shop I ran into an acquaintance whom had been given hawk also to work with. What a twist of fate, I was looking for a physical hawk and low I find a totem hawk: experience confirmed. Towards the end of the evening we look up the meanings of hawk and find that this bird is a link between this and past lives; and I find my friend is in actuality a past life reader. Mind blown.

Still even with all of these signs I had not picked up on the over-all message, until today. I glanced through the February issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide and found an article about past life regression work. Now I was listening.

Past lives can hold the keys too many of the issues that we battle with in this life time. Often these memories hold us back or create an ingrained behavior that we are oblivious to. Many times we can find ourselves saying the phrase, ‘I don’t know why I do this’ and often times this refers to our self-sabotaging natures.

How many times have you ‘forgotten’ to follow through with an interview that went well, or just did not call that cute person back from the party last week? It is not uncommon for us to just lack in follow through and not know why. Our minds remember but something in our hearts holds us back. Sometimes this is our intuition holding us back by fate, but others it is our own past fear and memories founded on nothing more than a singular experience.

Not only do these memories hold us back, but also can cause us harm in what we are doing now. With stress harboring itself in different areas of the body, just think of what a thousand years of memories, guilt, and fear can cause to your body now. Past memories also causes patterns for what our soul is comfortable with. For example, if you were a slave in many past lives to abusive owners who took you as their lover; you may find yourself looping into abusive relationships in this life now; unable to break the pattern, and holding stress in your shoulders and heart charka.

Past life work and regression are important stepping stones towards spiritual healing. There are many different paths and ways to heal ourselves from past lives long forgotten. I have found working with a combination of paths have provided to help heal me from some detrimental patterns in my life. Some ways are more painful than others, but all give the ability to release negative thoughts, karma, and patterns that holds us back from the greatest life the universe has for us.

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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