“When your dreams and the Universe are parellel”

I recently came across a quote/post that read something to the effect, “when your intentions and the universe’s are in line, everything falls into place.” As I ponder-during this first week of the New Moon-the things to be full filled I realized just how true and profound that statement becomes.

Following your dreams is never easy. If it were there would be no need for motivational speakers, career counselors, business coaches, or the like. There would also be less pain, more peace, and no growth. To follow ones dreams is to take life on in a way few people are willing. To follow ones dreams in today’s western world is to fly in the face of many obstacles and adversaries; not to mention the undercurrent of society is to give up and fit the mold. However many of the impediments that meet anyone on a journey towards their dreams, give them strength and wherewithal to keep going with better wits.

Still, as we get older it is hard to tell just what our dreams comprise of, not to mention fear kicks in and we have a harder time taking those first steps. In today’s changing world, many people have claimed that they are now following their dreams based on their passions. They have each taken different steps to explore deep within themselves, this took a bit of time and lots of faith. With all these ideas floating around from professionals forced to change their careers, where does that leave those of us just now embarking on the journey? I found it leaves us to ask ourselves two questions, do we want to spend the first part of our lives working on or for something that we do not love? How can we do the same things with less life experience and connections?

Within the scope of dreaming, it seems that the ‘American Dream’ is changing with the times. More and more I have come across people who are less interested in keeping up with the material side of life, and more focused on just living. The way that we define successes is changing, no longer is it based on how much one has, but how much one is truly smiling. Following this model it only makes sense for us to shoot for the stars, so to speak, and follow our dreams. Finding ourselves and our passions is only the first step.

Once we decide to take those first few paces is when the challenges start to pop up. Sure, you decided you want to be a writer, you are passionate about poetry and you want to focus your life on this discipline. At first it seems easy, there are just a few changes in your routine. You begin to write everyday, you read more poetry, you join forums; but then what? When you hit a brick wall and you feel like all you should do is give up, how do you know this is your true path?

If you could not tell, much of this is just the story I have written for myself. A few years ago I graduated college, and decided that I no longer wanted to go down the path college was leading to-I just could not teach history in the way I would want. So I wanted to dedicate my life to a greater truth and Spirit, and became certified as a yoga instructor. Neither being a yoga instructor or a professor panned out well, I could never give up my love of the intellect, and my ability to lead a class in asana was lack luster. I started looking deeper, read over old childhood journals, and finally found my answer; I was to be a writer.

No day started better in my life than the days I could wake up and write, or read. Even in my worst moments writing was a stabilizer, something to bring me back to reality form the emotional attack that I was having. It allowed me expression with beauty. I found my passion, but now how do I find a way to make a living? This was my brick wall. Here was my solution a) get a day job and work by night, problems arose when making money stood in the way of my progress as a writer. I stopped writing.

What happened next is the amazing reinforcement of the universe. Each time I fail to write, and I mean write anything, journal, poetry, blogging, fiction, articles, etc. as long as I was working on something and improving, the universe opened up more opportunity. I was like a dog getting a treat for doing a trick. However when I stopped writing; my world came crashing down. I would be lethargic, refused to leave my apartment, anti-social, paranoid; and I do not mean these things like writing was a cure all for mental issues, but it seemed that my world would just grow cold as I stopped writing. My friends would be too busy for me, I could never get my bank account in the green, and bills were piling up. Eventually, the more I wrote, not only did wonderful things begin to fall in my lap, but things that I did not even think existed.

I ended up taking a pro-bono writing job for a website called greeningdetroit.com. The owner started inviting me to events, and I began networking again, and I noticed something: social media was over looked in this group of business professionals. I started sharing success stories with them about other businesses I knew who thrived because of social media, and blogging. Next thing I knew I was beginning to be paid for doing the things I loved, and I was passionate about.

Keep in mind I ended up at greeningdetroit.com all by chance, completely random occurrence of events; but wait it gets better.

Wonderful things kept happening, all by chance. I started meeting the most wonderful and amazing people who quickly became necessities to my life. People who were full of negative thoughts seamlessly dropped out of my life, and the pieces started falling back into place. The universe was on my side, and was helping me to live my dream. Now it’s not always easy. By no means am I living on easy street, however my stress has continued to lessen, and as I keep being reassured that these are not ‘flash in the pan’ type of things, I am given space to breath and grow. I am correcting past engrained behavior and allowing myself to be successful.

Yes as you follow your true Self’s dreams, the dreams that the universe has for you, life gets easier. There are still obstacles exist and keep us on track and strong. Not to mention as each door opens the universe encourages us with a new open window, or sometimes a barn door. Successes then becomes greater, and not measured in dollars and cents, but rather in real smiles and laughter; because we are doing something we love and we are flowing with nature.

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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