Passive Changes

Change is an amazing thing. What is tricky is how one reacts to it, and what is more amazing is what sparks these changes in one life.

Lately in life I have hit a bit of a stagnation period. I work a good job for over a year, have a steady relationship, a steady living situation, over all everything has been working out in a way that has allowed me to relax and just exist for a while. Which for a while was all I wanted.

However lately, and even in the hight of this comfort, I have been found wanting of something more. At times making drastic life changes, and at the last moment backing out of them; all in the want of something more or different. Still as things have become more stable, or rather more clear I have found sparkings for greater change.

About a month ago I got inspired and started waking up earlier, running and doing an hour of very intense yoga. As these things go, the more I practiced the more I just started to get answers coming from deep inside myself that I did not even know existed, or rather I forgot.

As these things kept going through the weeks, work started getting more stressful, then little less, then to a high alert status of stress. This week I found myself towards the end, remembering the important dreams and ideas I had that I thought had long died within my heart. Moreover, things I thought I have become too old to accomplish.

I am this year 26, and until this year I have spent every birthday stressing out that I have done nothing with my life and was running out of time to run this amazing life. Further the more that I walked away from radical life changing ideas the more complacent I became in a sedentary life, while the blurrier my goals and path grew.

I was unhappy there was no doubt about that. Granted I loved my boyfriend, my residence, and the people I worked with. Before I had come to a conclusion that without a destination I could find no happiness.

Well back to the issue of change. At the peak of metamorphous, I found myself more and more faced with people moving on and bettering their lives. I was even watching TV shows that had this as a theme. Then a beautiful thing happened. A friend started going for a new position at work and had something even better recommended with a great interview.

My brain started reeling. I could go for a number of the better jobs at work, and most likely get them; but I did not want to stay at this company forever. I wanted to end my twenties doing something or working toward something I wanted to do.

I changed. Passively, peacefully, and working to progress further. The more I practice the more things became clear. No longer did I have a bitter resentment or a questioning nature regarding why things were not happening to me; but rather saw the changes around me happing in sequential order needed to help me get to the place I want to go. I harnessed the changing energy around me, made my life a better place.

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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