The Wheel – Lessons Of Detachement

As 2015 starts to get into full swing with the first Mercury retrograde of the year, I have found myself coming back to many of my passions that have seem long forgotten by last year; and looking deep for meaning within my own life. This year was bench marked by my restored love of reading, beginning with a new series of books. The first book of the series, The Lady of the Rivers by Phillppa Gregory, is built inside of the mysteries of tarot, notably the card representing the Wheel of Fortune.

As its name suggests, The Wheel of Fortune card represents the rise and fall of any being through their life. It is a picture of a large wheel usually with animals on either side – one going up and one coming down -, and a bird perched above the giant wheel itself. As one can guess the beings on either side of the wheel show how one can be thrown very high, then very low, depending on the tide of their own life. Whereas the bird a top the card represents how one can live life detached by the wheel, just observing.

The bird is the concept that I find the most drawing. To be steady in thought enough to just watch as one’s life and reputation goes through the fortunes of this world. A concept of many cultures and names, for example Hindu Mystics use the name Wheel of Karma in place of the Wheel of Fortune – though the concepts are slightly different with the belief in reincarnation.

Once again we have an age old idea that has swept through the entire world; the idea of being detached from one’s material life and rank. A difficult concept in today’s bustling world that is wrapped in the idea of susses, of any kind. How does one go about taking the rewards and blows of life untouched by them?

For me this has been the quest and theme of 2015. If the past few years have taught me nothing else, it has been the drastic workings and effects of the Wheel. I have been very high and been very humbled in every aspect of my life, and now, I am on the rise again. Yet I stop each day and pause to think about how it could all come crashing down once more.

I am a planner. I look at life and decide what actions need to be taken to damage control the worst case scenario. Those whom are affected by my decisions and moves often accuse me of bringing in negative energy, or overthinking the situations around me. My retort to their accusations never wavers; I never dwell on the worst case scenario, nor do I wish it into being, rather I observe that what comes up must one day come down. It is the rule of gravity and the world our physical selves are bound.

Even with damage control planning there are times I am blindsided by the crash, there are times where the planning means nothing, and there are worse times where even if everything is ok, I am not ok with the shift. When the Wheel has the inclination to throw one very low, it is never just the after effects of the tangible changes, but often it is the emotional ones that we find hard to accept. It is the feeling in the pit of ones stomach of betrayal, disbelief, or even of anger and hatred, that is the true test.

When we are asked to be above the Wheel, we are asked to let go of the blame game, to let go of the excessive pride and pleasure, to let go of the emotions that are attached to good and bad fortune. Sure after getting that promotion you should celebrate, but do not think your self irreplaceable. Sure after having your heart broken lick your wounds awhile, but do not think ill of the person doing the breaking. The universe has no favorites, no one is above or below any other person; we all have different paths to walk and lessons to learn. You maybe learning the difficult lesson of loss, while someone, seemingly less deserving, is learning the lesson of gain. Fortunes change like the tide. What goes up, must come down; and the higher the climb, the greater the fall.

It would seem that since 2012 each year reports of being good or bad at extreme levels. I myself have watched the last three years in awe of the rapid changes in fortune. Yet these years are coming into retrospection, and as they come into perspective in 2015 we are given the opportunity to be the bird. To learn from the extreme changes in fortune the past three years. To perch aloft the Wheel and observe our lives changing, unaffected by the rise and fall, and confident in ourselves.

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