The Importance of Self Love

I have been saturated with the idea of self love this last weekend. It seems like everywhere I turn there is some article, quote, or commentary on the idea of self love. Even during my weekly self date ritual the reading material I choose was heavy on the idea of self love and cleansing.

I have always been a huge believer in the idea of manifestation, as well as the idea of what you send out, is what you will get back. Interestingly enough the articles I was reading this week, incorporated this idea of manifestation and self love. Seemingly easy jump right? Then how come the more people that are aware of this idea, the more I am convinced that this is something that needs to be said because so few people are not only far from understanding this but also far from putting it to practice.

Let’s back up. I have re-started a weekly ritual of a ‘self date’ or in my case a weekly in-house spa night. It is a concept that I picked up a while back when I was reading up on Tantra practices. It was the idea of taking yourself out on a date once a week and pampering yourself. When I restarted the ritual, I found a deep strength and inner peace that I had long buried. As I realized the importance of this ritual, I started expanding on the uses of this night. I have incorporated loving mantras I will say, purging emotions, as well as self affirmations about my path in life.

So this week was a particularly difficult one. Lots of things were up and down and constantly changing in my life. This weekend I had gone up north to visit my boyfriend’s family, so arriving home Sunday night later than intended created more of a chore mind-set than a loving one. Still I went on and created my less than perfect spa night, and found it nothing less than the perfect end and beginning for the space between the weeks.

I chose a local monthly publication to read Mind Body Spirit Guide. Each article that was presented in this month’s publication was something to do with self-love, manifestation, and cleansing. As I finished up my spa night, I had a moment of clarity; the way to manifesting anything in life is knowing one’s self.

In situations like this I feel the oldest wisdom is the best. The Greeks said it best when they coined, “know thy self”. When people best understand themselves and their limits they are the best able to manifest what they want in their lives.

For example, one article that I read was about weight loss. The author, Glenn White, put together the argument that you must love what you are doing, not just have will power.

“ There is nothing wrong with liking cookies, but if you want to lose weight, you have to love losing weight more than cookies. Or, to put it another way, your desire to change has to be greater than your desire to stay the same. The driving force is love.”

She said that if you are trying to loose weight, but saying that you love cookies, your love for cookies will win out. On the other hand if you love the change more than the status quo, then you will find yourself having amazing results. (This is the knowing one’s self and one’s limitations.)

The next article I read was about the law of attraction and sub conscious mind set. The author, Dave Krajovic, was saying that even with positive affirmations, meditation, etc. everyday, if the sub conscious mind set is focused on failure and worry; things will go wrong and chaos will ensue.

“Most people do not make the connection that there are other tapes playing in the background, other beliefs that are conflicting with your practices to create something different in your life. These are opposing energies and when two opposing energies come in contact with each other, it usually creates friction and chaos.” . (This is the part about loving your self.)

So then with these two thoughts rolling around in my head, the conclusion was reached. When people truly “observe without judgment” (a common echo in my practice), then there will be amazing results.

When you are next on your mat in a pose, observe yourself without judgment in that pose. Understand where you are, accept and love that place. If while in triangle you are using a block to better align yourself, acknowledge that need, and why that need presents itself. Love the fact that you use that block, and do not push past your limits. Watch over the next few days, and that pose begins to open up to you more and more, and do not be surprised when one day you find yourself with your hand on the ground instead of a block!

Apply the above concept to your life. Is there a goal that you are working for? Maybe you are working on finding the perfect mate, or being in a healthy relationship. Sit down and understand where you are in this process. Why did your last relationship end? What scars are you carrying that you will pull into your next relationship? Do you need to spend sometime healing and understanding what you want in a mate before going out and looking? Knowing where you are in life and where you want to go will make all the difference in making the journey.

Yoga is plentiful with this concept and it is part of the practice. Swadhyaya – Self-study, study of scriptures is part of the Niyamas, or the restrictions on ourselves. Self- study helps us to determine where we are in life in regards to where we want to or are going (for more tips and tricks on Swadhyaya please see my entry on Journals here) . Remember to “know thy self, and observe without judgment” both on and off your mat, then watch as the results unfold themselves.

Practice in love and peace ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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