Positive Thinking – Learning Asanas and Reaching Goals

“Vinyasa Krama thus describes a correctly organized course of yoga practice. It is a fundamental concept in yoga having to do with constructing a gradual and intelligent course for our practice, and is important to employ irrespective of whether we are dealing with asana practice, pranayama, or some other aspect of yoga” -The Heart of Yoga, T. K. V. Desikachar

Or Flying Crow

Or Flying Crow

Lately I have been focusing on the idea of paths. Deciding which path to take, which step is the first to take, how to deal with the obstacles, etc. One universal idea that keep popping up is the effect positive thinking can have on our abilities to accomplish the things we set our minds to.

In step with this, to help myself stay focused and not get bogged down by the day-to-day I change the background on my work computer to a new inspirational quote every month. This month I decided to focus on the idea of positive thinking with a quote from Gandhi.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

Throughout the month I have been rather positive. I was hired at a new studio to teach three classes and the chance of a fourth in May. I also have my first student that I am teaching privately once a week, and I have another one starting in May. So for the month of April my thoughts and mind were filled with the most positive thoughts towards reaching my goals.

Yet this past week was trying on this beautiful thought process. I spent a week feeling tired and depressed. I had a hard time staying focused and an even harder time waking up for my morning practice. Even after I attended my favorite class Tuesday night, there was still a heaviness in my heart and within my being. I had lost this ideal of determination.

Then earlier today I was finally able to practice. I decided to work on a flow I written to help with the winter blues. Part of the modifications I had made for my own practice verses the one I teach was adding Eka Pada Galavasana or flying crow pose (pictured above) as the transition between standing and seated poses.

This morning as I gracefully took eka pada galavasana I realized just how much focus and mental state helps one achieve their goals. Not to mention a light heart and mind. You see, this winter when I started up my practice again I could not even lift my arms enough to make a shelf. Each day that I practiced different changes occurred. The pressure from my body weight caused bruises on both my arms and legs, sometimes I shook, and other times I would fall flat on my face.

Nonetheless the first time that I ‘got the pose’, that is I got myself off of the ground and was able to lift my back leg up straight, I was beyond happy. It took almost two months; but now in April not only can I get myself in and out of the pose gracefully, I am also in a place to refine my expression of the pose.

During this morning’s practice, when I practiced eka pada glavasana all of these feelings of positive thinking and a light heart came flooding back to me. It was as if all of my negative feelings that seemingly were never going to leave me, suddenly vanished. I connected the dots of eventually being able to practice eka pada glavasana and reaching my goals, my heart lifted. Yoga brought me back to my Self.

Just as when we set our minds to refining a pose and our bodies slowly open up to us, so to when we approach our goals with focus and a light heart, slowly the universe opens up our dreams to us. Our practice teach us that by having a goal in mind it is better to tailor our practice to our needs. Once we have a goal, focusing our minds and lightening our hearts is one of the most effective ways to reach our set goal. Your thoughts are what you become, if you think you will reach your goals, then you will.

Practice in love and peace ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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