Creative Energies and Our Conversation Topics

Let’s talk about sex. Rather lets talk about sex as a concept and our perception of it in our culture. Sex more than anything else seems to be the conversation topic that is constantly comes up in one fashion or another lately. Added to it, this is the time in the natural world where beings are pairing off, building nests, and having children. Rather it is because of the time of year, or something deeper, it feels as if the taboo subject of sex has been buzzing about.

To back track a little history, I am not in a social position, nor mind set currently where sex is a topic of conversation; at least not in great detail or for extended periods of time. More often when my social group and I speak on the subject of sex it boils down to that someone met someone new and slept with them.

However, lately it seems to be the only topic of conversation that anyone seems to be willing to not only talk about; but go into prolonged detail over. It does not bother me, on the contrary I feel like it is one of more healthy expressions of this taboo subject that our culture can create. Still the abrasive change from near silence to near obsession is a bit jarring.

This particular spring time energy is constantly focusing on growing and creating new things for ourselves; and the sub-culture I function within seems to be bringing the physical representation to the forefront of the brain.

Surprisingly though, it is not just the people that I interact with that are more and more expressive about sex. Just within the past forty-eight hours alone, I have overheard three conversations regarding sex, sexual tensions, or sexual frustrations. Though I am not against having or other people having these conversations, it is curious to me that this would be something to come up in such an abrupt manor and so often.

Sex is something that even the most open-minded people have some kind of reservation about. Weather it be some childhood trauma, or trusting the wrong person later in life; we have all had experiences regarding sex that leave us with strong views and opinions on the subject. The funny part too is that most people will not compromise or change their view on sex for others; but rather are more wanting of the other people to accept their view.

To further this, our views on sex will effect our views on relationships; and more often than not destroy the most beautiful relationships. Constantly within media we are told that sex will ruin the closest of friendships with the most dire of consequences. We are shown time and time again in movies and TV shows friends getting close and using the excuse, “I do not want to ruin our friendship,” or them having the relationship and it have disastrous effects.

Yet in other cultures, sex is as natural as eating dinner with someone. Everyone gets hungry, and sex is considered a basic human need. Then again you would not have dinner with just anyone, you have to pick carefully. If the person is dull, or argumentative, or you have nothing in common, you would never agree. Not to mention if you like having dinner with someone, you would eat with them whenever you could.

So then it is not surprising that a culture that has tabooed sex into a corner has found the need to talk about it during a serge of creative energies. As we all feel the need and the want to step outside our comfort zones to find something better, so to are we breezing outside our comfort zone with our topics of conversations. The important thing is to not let the connection allow us to stifle creative thought and energies like we have with sex.

Practice in peace and love ❤

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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