Focus On What You Are Doing

Woods and Robin

So this Fourth of July proved to be a masterpiece of great advice. I was able to go up north and go trompsing through the woods by Lake Huron. While I was in the woods I was lucky enough to enter into a state of meditation and gratefulness for all that I had been giving over my short 27 years. While in this state the universe gave me a great bit of advice, ‘stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on what you are doing’.

So to begin this story down the rabbit hole, I had gone up north to visit with my boyfriend’s family. I was excited because I had not yet had an opportunity to give thanks for all the good fortune that has befallen me. So while everyone was sun-bathing on the beach I went off on a quest to give thanks and reconnect with the universe.

Just to preface, I started this journey very angry with the situation at hand. It was not a bad one, but I was not sure if the short path would provide any privacy, let alone any space to meditate. So I circled the path at least one and a half times before I was able to find a suitable place to begin offering thanks. Once, however, I sat down and gave my first offering and gratitude; it was as if the woods opened up to me.

Every bird did not seem to be scared of me any more, frogs crossed my path, and I was even lucky enough to see a deer. I continued from my first spot down a little bit, until a robin landed on the path. I followed along slowly behind until he flew away. Right at where he stopped I found the perfect spot to sit and meditate. I ended up meditating and sitting in that spot for over forty-five minutes. I gave thanks again, and walked out of the woods saying my malas.

During the whole experience I kept getting a distinct message.

Don’t worry about what others are doing, just focus on what you are doing.

This at first seemed like a reminder. I had been getting caught up in gossip here and there, and more idle conversation about what people where doing with their lives and where they had ended up. I had taken it more as a warning not to fall into bad habits on this wonderful transformation, least they be stuck on me for sometime. In any other context I did not give it much thought, as I have never been one to stop someone from walking down their own path.

Still as the days have progressed this message has kept popping in my head. More often than not is it when I am idly day dreaming about touring with a famous musician as their personal yoga consultant, or wondering how different my life would be had I hitched a ride with my traveling Renaissance Festival friends, or even wishing I could be as popular as other instructors to travel the world teaching. As the day dream would progress I would hear a little bird voice say, “don’t worry about what others are doing focus on what you are doing”.

The more I heard it, the more the message became clear. It was not about worrying about gossip, or even worrying in a negative way what people were doing – though those were also good things to take from it – but rather it was about focusing on my own path. For the more we idolize, or wonder, or even day dream about what other people are doing, the more energy we take away from ourselves to blaze our own path. It is not just about letting others be, but also about understanding where the manifestation energy comes from within all of us and how it can splinter when we focus on others.

Even today I was reminded. I was sitting on the couch, working on a set of malas while my boyfriend was doing yoga. At first I could not help myself but check his form and flow to make sure he would not hurt himself; then the voice popped in. Still I got distracted again watching him step into headstand, and sure enough I messed up my knotting work. Again the voice popped in, almost in a mocking tone. I quickly fixed the knot and giggled to myself.

In the end when we are living our lives and blazing our own trails it is best for us to just focus on what we are doing, and less worrying about what others are doing even in the best views. When we can clear our thoughts of everything except for what we are focused on, we can create everything we want and more.

Live in peace and love ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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