Keeping the Good Vibes Flowing

Life seems to be moving at super speed; and I am working to make sure it does not slow down anytime soon. Again I am having a hard time sticking to my postings; but I am working on doing it nonetheless!

So life and stuff, let me just give you the quick notes of what has been going on thus far. Friday we got a new apartment, in fact it is the one just across the hall that is a lot bigger than the one we are living in now. My crafting business started picking up (I sell Mala Beads on Etsy at Rough Iron Forest). Then of course Renaissance Festival is starting this weekend, which I work.

Between all of this I have been feeling a little overwhelmed; and it has been leaking out of my being in weird ways and situations. Mainly in social situations I either become very anxious and awkward; or I am just very angry and overwhelmed. Either way it is not a pretty sight, nor a type of my personality I want public.

I have also been making little mistakes that has been taking the wind out of my sails so to speak. I have been getting sloppy. Little tasks and things have been slipping my mind, which though might be meaningless now, can gain ground and end up sending my life into chaos again or allowing the negative energies to take a foothold.

Either way tonight I tried to relax a bit by hanging out at my usual coffee shop. Its a place where little work gets done, but some amazing inspiration and conversations happen frequently. In the end the relaxation never did happen and I became more anxious the later I was there. I finally gave up on having a normal social interaction, and came home, forgetting to pick up the much needed cat food. I had a choice to drive and get a bigger bag at a cheaper price, or walk and get a smaller bag at a higher price.

Not to surprising I ended up walking to the corner store to get the cat food. Upon my walk I started analyzing all of my anxiety. There was a quote I started circling my thoughts around.

“Everyone should meditate 20 minutes a day. Unless you are too busy, then you should meditate an hour” -Old Zen Saying

The more I thought about these words, the more the answer became clear. The more ‘busy’ my life became, the more I needed to buckle down and meditate. Needed to get to know myself, and spend time taking care of my Self.

You see even having our lives fill up with beautiful positive changes and energy; we can still get overwhelmed, and create chaos. We either can loose steam, or we can end up botching up the good energy that we have been creating and riding on with stupid little mistakes. We make small mistakes, and then they build either because we can not let the go, or because we can not clear our heads and focus again.

When coming up against great change, it is important to know all the stress, good and bad, that will come with it. Understanding that stress and the extra activities that will take up time in our day, and space in our minds; we then need to start to take more time out for ourselves and our own piece of mind.

Practice in love and peace ❤

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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5 Responses to Keeping the Good Vibes Flowing

  1. joeythebuddhist says:

    Ajahn Chah I think had a similar quote (Thai Forest Tradition) Seems all the great masters think alike 😉


  2. fleetpen says:

    Hi there!! Can we talk? I am working on an article about CAM therapies and ulcerative colitis – I was hoping you’d be willing to share your story. If you don’t want to use your full legal name, we can do first name and initial. Will you email me and let me know if you are up for it? I should let you know that I meditate daily and practice yoga, in case you’re concerned that I wouldn’t respect your experiences. Please let me know if we can speak! I’d love to get out the good word about meditation.


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