Cutting the Cords

Recently a friend of mine sent me this link. It is an article regarding the current astrological energies going on in the world. I recommend reading it; but for a quick summery this article talks about how we are in an intense energy that is gearing up for the full moon on the 22nd of February. The article talks a lot about things that we can do to combat the intense energy which is known to cause confusion, anxiety, and other negative emotions that can pop up when something big is about to break. It also talks about how we are also honing our energies towards an ultimate goal, good or bad. Essentially the whole world is in line to have an encounter with the Wheel of Fortune.


This article hit me hard for many reasons, mainly the fact that everything that this article was describing had been happening to me; and because the tools needed to help the out come be as positive as possible were just recently completed by me learning how to cut cords.


First and foremost anxiety and growing moments battling self-doubt, depression, and anger have been more intense lately. My career is not exactly where I would have hoped it would be a year ago, and I have been running into a lot of challenges. The culmination of this all was about three weeks ago around the new moon when I had a number of snafus regarding my webinar, “What is Yoga?” However as the depression and self-doubt has calmed down; the anxiety and manic emotions have increased with a sense that something big is about to happen.


Secondly I incorporated into my meditation practice everyday some time at the end where I read my tarot cards. Nothing big, just a three card spread, and usually with no question in particular. Over the past week the Wheel of Fortune has been popping up here and there, including in my monthly new moon reading as the over all outcome. Of course every bad energy that has popped up has said that the way to combat this energy is, not to loose faith, and hard work, LOTS of hard work.


Finally in my work that I have done with Kisma Awake, I have not only been more sensitive to my need to clean out some old energies; but also learned the overly important practice of cutting cords. As I have opened up I have found and felt out some long time blocks in my energy. One of which was removed by a remote clearing with Kisma – on that had been on the radar for over four years – a second that I am in the process of removing in my heart with the help of a friend Rieki healer. In removing these blocks it would mean nothing if I just allowed the energies in my environment to clog them up again, which is where we come to cord cutting.


Cord cutting is a practice in which we are able to remove the negative emotions and hooks left in us from being around people. Particularly for people in any field where people’s energies could be effected – ie yoga, rieki, card readers, etc – this is a very important tool to have in the tool box. Pretty much first thing in the morning, before bed, and, for me, after any time you are dealing with a group of people, you close your eyes say, “I am now cutting the cords” imagine a knife or sharp object in your right hand and swipe it down your heart three to five times. Then envision a large hole to the center of the earth, gather the cords and throw them in. Burry the cords by swiping your hand over the hole and clap. You then repeat the process on your back by envisioning you energy self cutting the cords for you.


Cutting the cords has been a life saver for me and my work. I have gained back so much energy, bliss, and contentment. Not only that, but apparently it is something pertinent that we do during this current energy building process. How appropriate that I learned and engrained it into my life in such a major way during this energy.


This article was sent to me by a very dear friend of mine that I have not been able to talk to much over the past six months. It was so timely too, as the night before I had asked the universe for some sign that I was on the right path, that I had made the right choice to delve into the yoga world deeply; and that continuing to do so was the right thing to do. Seeing not only that I was in tune with what the sky was saying; but that I was actually subconsciously leading myself down the right path to ease the tension and come to a positive outcome was more than reassuring, it was a blessing.


I am not sure what the Wheel of Fortune has in store for me; but I have faith that it is the answers I have been seeking for a little more than a year now. All I can do is sit back and wait to see what will happen, what will break; good or bad I know I will face it with bravery and strength; because I know now that I am on the right path, and by doing the hard work one day I will be where I want to be. I will be in tune with the universe and my Higher Self.


Practice in love and peach. Much love! ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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