The Energy of Money

Recently I have been turned on to the idea that money is energy. This seems like a fairy big no brainer, or more like a face palm of “OF COURSE!” However as simple or obvious of an idea this seems, far fewer people truly believe it, let alone put it into practice. Particularly with the political climate right now, it feels as if everyone is scraping the barrel looking to make another quick buck; or for some working on that long haul to make a financially secure present and future for themselves and their families. Still we never seem to feel like we have enough to do the things we want to make us happy, or feel that our dreams are lucrative enough to make a reality. It all boils down to the big green evil, money.


Still that is a seemingly unhealthy way to view the situation, particularly as the open minded spiritual people we all want to be. Money is not some faceless evil staring at us and hoping we fail, we do that on our own by thinking this way. Money is really just a physical manifestation of energy, and energetic transfers that happen every day.


For example, I am a yoga instructor. I provide a service that is hopefully helping my students become better people physically, mentally, and emotionally. When they pay me to teach them, they are not throwing money away on yoga, but rather investing energy into themselves; and the more they invest the more they get out of it. That is not to say that if they gave me a million dollars they would reach enlightenment; but rather if they take the step to come to a class, or have a personal yoga session they will get so much more out of it rather than following along to someone on YouTube whom can not see what they are doing to help refocus, center, and align them when it is needed.

So then if we started thinking about money more like an energetic transfer, just like any other pool of energy it needs to be tended. We need to feed our money energy positively and with love.

If we keep looking at our money as something that is evil and allusive, then it will be evil and allusive; but if we start thinking about our money as a beautiful fruit tree that nourishes us, then our money will start taking on those traits.

Still, when money is something that is rather scarce it might be difficult to switch the mind set over night. It may take a few months, but there are some tricks that you can use that might help.


First of all, when you start to worry about money, not having enough, angry you can not do that one thing you want to, or obtain that new toy you want; do not get mad about it. Instead tell yourself that one way or another the universe will provide you with what you need, either somethin better will come along, if you need money by a passed date, or some how that money will appear. Then keep working at it. Keep putting even pennies aside every day, look for odd jobs, or find other means of obtaining the money. When you keep the faith with your actions, things tend to snowball and the universe knows you are serious about your desire.


Second positively reinforce your money. Check your self when thoughts of anger or sadness come about over money. These thoughts will most likely continue to pop up until the overall mentality has changed, do not get mad over them popping up, just breath through them and let them go. Then re-envision or reword your thoughts, say them out loud or write them down if you need to – find a way to solidify this new thought towards your money situation and money in general.


Third ask yourself why you want to asked for money. Is it something just for you? For your kids, or family? Is it something that once obtained will allow you to help the greater good? Often times it takes a lot more to manifest things for selfish reasons, than for reasons of the over all good. That is not to say that the things we want can not be extraordinary that would make us feel good; but in us feeling good whom else benefits? If you wanted a better car that would be a nice treat for you; but would you also be willing to give rides to your friends when they needed them? Or would it make you feel better about driving your kids around? If you are just working towards living beyond paycheck to paycheck, what would you do with the extra money? If you are more comfortable would you be passing the great gift along to others in some way? When we are aligned with our Higher Selves then even the seemingly most selfish acts and manifestations often times have a greater purpose for the world around us; so be diligent in what you want, why you want it, and if it is something that will help you give back in some way.


Finally take stock of what you spend your money and why. A great example of prioritizing money would be in grocery and food consumption. Really look at the food and establishments that you choose to spend money. For example when buying organic on a budget, it is most important to buy all fresh water based vegies and fruits organic, everything else can come down to price and practicality from there. For example, I know I feel better when I buy organic foods from reputable sources. I have more energy, I do not feel weighed down, and I feel cleaner; however I can not always afford to spend the money it requires to shop at a place like Whole Foods. So I choose the foods that are most effected by the non-organic farming and buy those organic. The rest boils down to what I can afford.


To take this idea beyond food, look at other things that you spend your money on and ask yourself if that investment is really worth while. If you give money to a charity, how much of that money is being used towards the cause? If you buy brand name shoes, ask what that brand is doing to the greater social and environmental world. Is your favorite super store, really a good or tolerable corporation, or are they facing some major humanitarian charges? Granted we are not all able to afford the super socially-environmentally-consumer friendly products and shops; but even the smallest change, or taking the lesser of two evils, can have a huge impact on both the world and your money.


The rules of Karma are pretty simple; you get out what you put in. If we shift our thoughts to be more positive and inviting, then our world too opens up to us as positive and inviting. This rule also applies to our financial and monetary situation. It is not always the easiest shift, nor always rainbows and sunshine; but with constant vigilance we can create a positive relationship with our money and finances that keep us not just from falling flat, but can help us float far above.


Practice in Peace and Love my friends ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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