Missing Practice

Like most modern American entrepreneurs, I am over run with things to do. If I am not running from one client to the next, I am sitting at my computer marketing or researching different ways of getting my brand as a yoga instructor and Pranaic Healer into my communities. In between it all I am trying to maintain a dedicated yoga practice. Still some days between deadlines, meetings, and random events I miss something; and when this something involves my practice it can grab a hold of me.


Tonight is a prime example. As I sat down to write this essay, I was distracted and uneasy. I had gotten caught up at a local coffee shop and it ran right in to my afternoon mediation and mantra practice. Upon realizing that I had missed my meditation, a huge part of me wanted to run home, neglecting the crop of timely stuff left undone. Still as I glanced at the clock, it seemed that by the time I even got home, I would fall short of getting anything else done that needed doing.


In an effort to regain some steadiness in my day, and hopefully become inspired, I sat in my chair and took three deep breaths visualizing my meditative space and saying my mantras in my head. It seemed as if someone had cast a spell, removing a dark could that was looming over my head and bringing a steady calmness. Of course this was the time that it hit me, there is a lot to be said about when we miss our practices.


Every time we step onto our yoga matts or sit on our meditation cushions we are honoring ourselves and the greater power within us. This honor not only makes us feel better, but furthers our dedication. However it can have a dark side. These feelings and states of mind can in effect become addictive and we can become attached to the very practices promising to free us from delusion. When this happens we can begin to feed the more abrasive energies and end up further from our goals.


I have heard, and often said, at times where there was moodiness or constant flux in thought process, “oh I am sorry I missed my meditation/yoga”. While true when we miss practices we can feel out of sorts, still by letting that be an excuse or a catalyst to negative behavior, undoes all the beautiful work we have already produced in our thought processes. Yes we missed a practice. Yes we feel a little out of sorts because of it, however we are then given the beautiful opportunity to truly practice.


If there is any knowledge we can gain by the universal qualities of yoga and meditation, it is that they are tools. They are a means to an ends not an ends within themselves. So when we miss a practice, the universe then invites us to truly step into those lessons and detach from the tools to live the message. Meditation and yoga is here to teach us how to unify ourselves and detach from that which is unreal. That everything of this world is always in flux and temporary. Even our practices might someday come to an end, but that does not mean we need to leave behind all that we have learned. When we skip a practice we are invited to practice our discipline in new ways, showing ourselves and the world around us that we can stay serine and connected even if we miss the chance to step away and plug in.


Physically or spiritually yoga can be draining. There is a lot that is happening all at once, and if we run for too long we are likely to need a rest at some point. If we are unable to see that need it might be thrust upon us by outside forces. We have a choice here, to be angry and pout waiting impatiently, or we can act upon the lessons we learned and stay steady. Nonetheless as in all things it takes a consistent and dedicated practice to stay connected and consistent. Sure there are times where we might just not be able to make a practice because life got in the way, however it is not about the fact that we missed a practice but what we do because we missed a practice that matters. Just be sure to not let one missed practice turn into a habit 😉


Practice in Peace and Love ❤

About 8petallotus

Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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