Mercury Retrograde

For anyone whom follows Astrology, even minimally, the two words ‘Mercury Retrograde’ packs a sort of negative sluggishness, and scape goat for anything that should mishap in the next few weeks. Bringing with it connotations of stalemate as well as regression, and plenty of challenges. For this particular retrograde, the universe seemed to want me to pay particular attention, and lead me to a variety of articles regarding the specific energies that will be reeking havoc until the end of May. To my lovely surprise, this Mercury Retrograde does not only seem less than terrifying, but also carries with it a powerful message of reinvention.


As today opened up, I stepped onto my yoga mat and allowed the different interpretations of this Astrological energy to penetrate my mind and hopefully gain some clarity. The two most important focal points of this Mercury Retrograde are regarding cleaning out, as well as reinvention via past lessons. Given that this has been a major theme of my life since January, I have been pushing myself to find time to ‘clean house’ so to speak, so of course I am curious how the next few weeks will play out. As I practiced I got a sense that this week was do or die for these energies, I could either heed their lessons and wants, or I could allow myself to again slip into a lazy state of mind and reap the rewards of a job not done.


So as I sat wondering what flow would be best suited for my goal and my starting state, I settled on a backbend flow that I will be teaching in May for my Vinyasa class. As I entered into the warm up phase I noticed that my thoughts were less than pleasant for a yoga practice, filled with anger and hurt, over some situations that had recently transpired. As I continued to work through both my emotions and my yoga flow, I noticed the little voice inside getting louder, and repeating the words “let go” followed by “I am open to Change, I am open to positive change, I am open to all change”.


As I finished up my practice, and settled in to journal these thoughts, I noticed that I no longer had anything to say. That I could recall the emotions and thoughts, but I just did not want to because they all seemed so petty now. Effectively I had channeled the energies around me and truly began to let go, and open up to the new possibilities for the space created.


The beautiful thing about yoga, particularly when you bring it together with Astrology, is that it allows you so many possibilities. It allows you to extract what your next step is, to cultivate that next step, preform it, and channel the energies around you to help. When we are allowing ourselves to truly open up on our mats, we are given universal messages to help us further our growth, then the tools in order to make those steps. Further when we understand the energies surrounding us – like say the Astrological energy that penetrates the Earth’s Atmosphere – we can focus those energies to bring clarity and growth.


The current Mercury Retrograde has just begun, and offers the chance to purge all that no longer serves us in order to make way for the new. It allows us to go inside, and look back at all the changes we have had since the last retrograde, and adjust our course accordingly. Further, this one also gives us an opportunity to plan for a more fruitful future, which is very outside of a typical retrograde energy. In understanding all this and clearing our minds, our yoga mats and meditation cushions become so much more than before; they each become a platform for us to open up and receive messages from the universe.


Practice in Peace and Love ❤


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