Mindfulness, Business, and Yoga

In business there is constant pressure is to always push for more productivity and efficiency. Currently businesses are focusing more on their work force then their product or their marketing themes to answer this pressure, which is a big shift. It has become increasingly obvious to businesses that the work force is changing and employees are no longer satisfied with a life where they go to work with their head down and get a job done; but rather want an environment that is social and fun, where they respected, engaged, and above all appreciated.


Although some employers will argue against these ideals, the fact is that without an environment that employees like there will be a greater amount of turnover; and this will lead to a lot of wasted time and money for the company. Many people are just not satisfied with a decent paycheck anymore either, and the idea of decent has changed greatly. The work force of today wants an interactive environment that shows them they are respected, engaged, and appreciated in ways that a simple pay check will no longer solve.


One such way to help with these issues is adding mindfulness practices. These can include adding yoga, meditation, or other activities that are not work related in which the company pays.


“Toxic emotions disrupt the workplace, and mindfulness increases your awareness of these destructive patterns, helping you to recognize them before they run rampant. It’s a way of reprogramming your mind to think in healthier, less stressful, ways. ” (Drew Hansen from Forbes).


Adding mindful practices and experiences to employees’ work days allow them to seek out both their own negative patterns, and those in the environment around them in order to create a better working place for everyone naturally. Further, it also allows managers on all levels become more open, receptive, and stronger in their own practices. Adding some much more needed compassion to the work place which can help create a lasting work force, more productivity, more efficiency, leading to more profits and growth for a company.


Further many of these classes will not only help break up the work day or week consistently; but can also offer tools and ways of helping employees deal with stress on a moment to moment basis. As the stress levels decrease so do errors, tension, and over all negative health of each individual. If people are healthier and less stressed, they are less likely to take sick days, be late, or quit. Saving the company not only in time and money, but also creating a more reliable employee base.


Finally adding practices like mindfulness to a work place also gives employees a sense of greater contribution to the world at large. The employee will walk away with these practices in their day to day lives as well, caring over into better and healthier relationships and activities outside of work. Also they will feel as if they are making a greater impact on the world for the better. After all we can change the world with one random act of kindness at a time; and when you have little to worry about at work, you are more able to be kinder outside of work. Unfolding a sequence of events that can have massive positive impact on the world as a whole.


Companies have always been looking for ways to increase their productivity. However in today’s changing market it is no longer about marketing or products; but about creating a passionate engaged work force. The work forces of today respond best to positive and respectful working environments, and adding employee activities leading to mindfulness help do just that. When an employee is happy and for the most part stress free in their job, they are more likely to stay and create a career. This saves the company exponential amounts of time and money that is wasted when environments have high turn over. As the saying goes, “often one does not quit their job; but their management”.


Practice in Peace and Love ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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3 Responses to Mindfulness, Business, and Yoga

  1. wholeheartbliss says:

    This is such a wonderful and refreshing idea. I would love to see a company implement this practice. Unfortunately, I never have. 😦


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