Healing The Second, Svadisthana, or Sacral Chakra

One of the most important ways of maintaining a healthy life is maintaining a healthy energetic body. The energetic body is consistent of sever different energy channels that run all along the body taking transmuted energy from the energy centers, or chakras, to the rest of the body. It also creates a shell around us, called an aura, that acts like feelers which detect the world around us and account for gut feelings, and different vibrational energies we feel daily.


The chakras translate into “the wheels of light” and correspond to energy points in our bodies that absorb and transmute energy from the outside world into our bodies for proper functioning. Although there are many chakras throughout the energetic body, in main stream culture there are seven major chakras the function along the main center of energy that runs up the spine.


The second chakra, or Svadisthana/Sacral Chakra, is the second of these energy centers starting form the base of the spine. It is responsible for lower creativity, reproductive processes, and social relationships. It allows us to physically create – such as making babies – have meaningful romantic relationships, and also helps us further our spiritual path by caring earth energy and the Kundalini energy up the spine to the higher chakras.


However when this chakra is not working properly it can have devastating effects not only on our romantic lives, but can also cause blocks in all forms of creative energy and hold us back from furthering our spiritual journeys to the higher planes of thought. Depending on if it is over active or underactive, we can have feeling of violence, addiction, ridged in our relationships, and can become stunted within our creative lives.


When a chakra is not working properly it is usually due to one or several of a few factors. It can become over active, where it is taking in too much energy and has become larger than it should be. This can also lead to a second problem of congestion, which is when there is a large build up of energy in a chakra that has no where to go. This causes many clogs in the system and prevents the energy from moving to where it needs to go through out the body. This can lead to depletion in chakras connected to this chakra, which means that there is not enough energy getting to that chakra thus also causing problems. When a chakra is depleted it can also become underactive, where it is not drawing in enough energy and is not working properly because it does not have enough fuel.


In order to balance and treat a chakra that is not working properly it is important to understand which issues is going on in the first place, understand the underlying cause, and then mapping out a proper treatment based on the diagnostic. However it can be difficult to understand what is going on with a charka, other than knowing it is not working properly. With second chakra there are some symptoms that can give clues as to what is going on within the energetic body and how to fix it.


If Svadisthana Chakra is over active often a person will exhibit over sexualized nature, displaying either as having too much sex with their partner or having lots of sex with multiple partners. They can also seem sexually obsessive almost to the point of addiction (please note there are varying degrees of each symptom, often times I will result to worse case scenario for examples). Addiction is another way of knowing that this chakra is being over active. Svadisthana chakra is also very sensual and connected with each of the five senses, addiction usually results in an over indulgence in one of the senses due to pleasure. A person with an over active Sacral chakra can also become violent and very aggressive.


If Svadisthana Chakra is congested, not only might one see the symptoms for over active chakra; but also we will see physical symptoms as well. Issues can include difficult menstruation, problems with ejaculation, lower back issues centered in the lumbar, and issues relating to adrenals. Further there will also be signs of depletion of the Solar Plexus chakra including low self-esteem, struggles with Spirituality, and difficultly keeping and making friendships. Often times violent people act out because of low self-worth or low self-esteem, it can be related back to a congestion in the Sacral chakra, causing violence, causing a depletion in the Solar Plexus, causing low self-worth.


If Svadisthana Chakra is under active one would exhibit problems with connecting with people in meaningful ways, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships, an unhealthy reduction in sexual drive, and reduced creative drives all together. People whom have underactive Sacral chakras often times will also become anxious, fearful, and isolated either due to the issue being in the chakra or a depletion from congestion in the Root Chakra.


Depleted Svadisthana Chakra can manifest with infertility and delayed paternal or maternal instincts. Depletion can also cause issues with giving birth, and, in extreme cases, can cause miscarriage or still birth. (Even if that is the case if you are pregnant and suspect that you may have an issue with your Second Chakra please see a trained energy healer to conduct work on you, do not attempt to balance or cleanse the chakra yourself. Untrained hands in this manner can also have very devastating effects on the child or the child birthing process.).


There are many ways to balance out the chakras. For Svadisthana Chakra, depending on what is the problem, there are several remedies. To calm an over active Sacral chakra, take a nice bath that is infused with rose oil. The Rose oil will help to calm the over active tendencies of this chakra, and if it beginning to become congested help to reduce the congestion and promote free flow of energy throughout the rest of the energetic body. If the chakra is congested already, add about 1 cup of salt to the bath as it will help to neutralize the congested energy and block to again open up free energy flow.


For Svadisthana chakra that is underactive, take a Carnelian stone (make sure it is energetically and physically clean) place it in a cup of fresh spring water, and set the intention of extracting some of the energetic qualities from the stone. Then leave the cup in the sunshine, with a piece of paper covering it, for three hours. This will create a drinkable tincture that when ingested will help to activate the Sacral Chakra. This will also help if the chakra is already depleted as Carnelian will help to calm an over active Root Chakra (which could be why it is depleted) and when a chakra is activated it begins to build up energy and become fully functioning again.


If you are unsure why you Sacral chakra is acting funny, you just know that it is, you can always just balance. Balancing is always safe as it is just bringing energies back to fully balanced when out of whack. Balancing Svadisthana Chakra can be achieved by repeating the crystal drink above, however using moonstone or aquamarine. These stones are known for balancing the water energies in the body, as well as for balancing Svadisthana Chakra. Dancing is also a wonderful way to help bring this chakra into balance.


There are many other ways to help open, decongest, and balance the second chakra. Here are just a few different ways to help achieve more equilibrium within the energetic body. If you are still having trouble with this chakra, seek the guidance of myself or several other energy healers out there.


Practice in Peace and Love ❤

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