The Preference of Personal Yoga

You have finally done it. After years and many studios, you found that one teacher that just ‘gets you’. That one instructor that understands your physical ticks, emotional state, and more importantly what your next challenge is in that next step in your practice. You practice has been going strong for the last 6-8 months, then bam! The kids are out of school and you and your partner decide it is a great time to go on vacation. Prior to leaving you research and find that there are several yoga studios where you will be staying; but you feel uneasy walking into a new studio. You are not sure if this instructor will get your ticks, or if the class will truly be at your pace. Still you pick the studio via web that looks the most in line with what you are looking for and pack your yoga gear excited to spend sometime away with your family.

As you walk out of the studio, you find that it was a good class; but something was missing. The music was not the flow you were looking for, the class was a little slower than you like, and you missed having you usual ending poses. Then it hits you, you have more vacations and a camping trip planned, how are you possibly going to be able to keep up your practice? You know that when you continually practice you are more calm, you are more attentive to your kids and your partner, you feel just more together over all; but how are you going to be able to keep that going without your usual yoga class?

Here is a common problem that happens to yogis. Yoga is traditionally a practice that is passed down from one to another. It is something that builds a relationship between teacher and student that allows the teacher to fully understand and get to know their student in order to help the grow the most. So when you find that teacher that you just click with, it can be jarring to shake up the routine; no matter how amazing the new teacher. This is just one of the many reasons why investing in private lessons with a yoga instructor can be so crucial to maintaining a meaningful and fulfilling practice that speaks to you.


Personal yoga sessions have a few paramount benefits:


 1. Your teacher knows YOU

When people practice yoga per classes they are left up to what the teacher feels in the most important themes, poses, and practices. These can all range close to or far away from what the student is feeling. The best teachers try to tap into the collective energy that is circulating; however not everyone experiences this energy the same. Yet when you delve into personal yoga sessions the teacher you work with knows you personally. They know exactly how this energy might be effecting you and are more able to craft a session circulating around your needs and experiences. Furthermore they are also picking out the poses and practices that will keep you at you edge and help you move beyond it faster than trying to get lucky at each yoga class.

 2.  Kick your practice up a notch

We all know the more yoga you do, the better you feel! So doing yoga every day is a must. Still the best yoga classes are the ones we walk out of blissed out and not quite sure how we got there, how are we supposed to practice if we are not sure where to go? With Personal yoga your teacher crafts a safe and balanced sequence for you to take with you everyday. These sequences are actually designed for you, without repetitive body movements, with your own edge and goals as the center point. As you continue down your practice, your teacher sprinkles more and more challenges in your flows that further your own practice.

 3. You are the center of the flow

As I said before, yoga classes are designed with a greater reach in mind; however when you go to personal yoga sessions the sessions are designed for you. Teachers in personal sessions are working on your personal goals so each session is focused around what you want to get out of your yoga. There is no guess work of what you will be doing in class, if you want to be able to do head stand your teacher crafts a pose to build you to head stand.

 4.You can take out the anxiety

for some people getting lost in a crowd is awesome, for others walking into an unfamiliar studio with lots of people can provoke anxiety. With personal yoga, the teacher will often travel to your home where you are comfortable, or you come to them and its just you two. There is no temptation to compare yourself to someone in class, or feel like you are behind in the flow; because this flow is just for you and your needs. It allows you to leave the uncomfortably of the unfamiliar and begin a yoga practice on your own terms – particularly if you are unsure where to begin with a practice.

 5. Your schedule matters

Probably the best part of personal yoga is the fact that you are able to schedule it around your busy schedule. Your teacher can come to you and you both work out a time that works; you do not have to jump through hoops to make a yoga class that might not be at a convenient time. Also did I mention many teachers will come to you? You no longer have to schedule in travel time but rather are able to stay within the comfort of your own home and have those preciouses extra moments to focus on other important aspects of your life.

 6.  Cost effective

Although personal yoga sessions often cost much more than classes, in the long run they are actually cost effective. They teach you about YOUR practice and allow you to take it with you where ever you go. If you have a month where your budget is just a bit too tight, no longer are your forgoing your practice to make ends; but rather you can just cut down and still practice every day. Further because they are one on one you can learn any aspect of yoga that is important. If you want to learn more philosophy, pranayama, or asana; you get it all in one place – without having to spend thousands on teacher training (particularly if you are not looking to start teaching yoga).


Making the decision to jump into personal yoga classes for the dedicated yogi they can be the crucial next step to expanding their practice, and finding something that works just for them. If you are interested in taking this next step in your practice, there are many different instructors that offer personal sessions. Often times the perfect instructor offers personal sessions, or you can check out a few classes and find an instructor that vibes with you, and ask them. Check out the instructor’s website, blog, and other business information to see if they would be a good fit for what you are looking for and simply ask.

Practice in Peace and Love ❤

PS if you are interested in doing personal yoga and are unsure where to start I offer a variety of in person and remote options to fit your schedule. Please visit my website for more information and to contact me at

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