Why Should I Join a Prenatal Class? Part 2

Why Should I Skip My Usual Class for a Prenatal Yoga Class?


Most commonly pregnant women have heard that yoga is great for their health. Many whom have an established practice feel that they can just continue on like nothing is different, maybe adjusting a little here and there; where as women whom do not have an established practice, might just feel that a regular yoga class will do the trick, and find the one that fits their schedule the best. However there are a few key reasons to join a Prenatal Class over a regular yoga class including, connecting with a community of women, modified poses, trained instructor, and more birthing education.


One of the reasons I truly push my students to join a prenatal class is because of the community they will encounter. Prenatal Classes are just a bunch of mothers to be. They are a safe space where women can express everything from excitement, to fear, to gross bodily functions, to wonderment, to even just connecting. When you have a group of women all going through the same thing, something amazing happens, women tend to feel less alone in what they are going through. Our fast paced world has really removed the idea of community and close knit families, which robs us of some of the most important wisdom from our elders, and others just like us. Contrary to popular belief during pregnancy a lot of women feel lonely, get depressed and anxious, and feel like no one understands them. However if they are given the opportunity to connect with others, they can find that they are not alone, gain valuable advice they might not have had before, and often find a network that they can call on after birth for help and support.


Another valuable reason to join a prenatal yoga class is that the class is designed just for pregnant women. It takes the guess work out of regular classes for both you and the teacher regarding if a pose is good or bad for you or baby. Although most yoga instructors have a crash course in what to do if a pregnant woman walks into the door, there is still a vast amount of information that goes into prenatal yoga classes that they may or may not know. Further even if they are trained, I am sad to say it, having someone whom needs constant modifications – or could change the shape of the whole class – can be disruptive to both teacher and the other students. However a prenatal yoga class has all the information, modifications, props, and pace that fits for every mom to be worked into the class. It gives you the piece of mind knowing that there is nothing you are doing that could be potentially harmful, or misinformed because the teacher is trained for Prenatal Yoga.


The next reason for joining a prenatal yoga class gets a little tricky, because not everyone who teaches prenatal yoga is trained in prenatal yoga. However finding a Prenatal Yoga class with a trained instructor, is another valuable reason to join a prenatal yoga class. There is a special training program for yoga instructors interested in teaching Prenatal Yoga that includes everything form the body’s processes, the process of birth, emotional support, modified poses, special conditions, the list goes on; essentially anything and everything that is important to pregnancy is discussed and learned about. This training is to insure the best quality and safest classes are being taught with the highest value. For example let’s say that you find out you have a condition like Placenta Praevia, or Diastases Recti? Chances are before you were diagnosed you had no idea what these conditions were. However these are things that a trained prenatal yoga instructor is familiar with and can help you work through during your pregnancy with different modifications to insure you get better and have a safe birth. Further trained prenatal yoga instructors can become another valuable resource you can turn to for information.


Further instructors will often mention during class how different poses, breath techniques, or meditations can come in handy during labor and motherhood; and often add challenges in class that help you prepare for rushes – contractions. Prenatal yoga classes are sprinkled with loads of information regarding labor, birth, and motherhood. It is not uncommon to hear something like, “this pose is great if you end up in back labor” or “if it is still early and your baby is breech try this pose to help baby turn around”. Instructors will also add in meditations that can help when you have an inconsolable baby, or breath work that can help you regain some energy on days where you are feeling particularly zapped. Usually in class an instructor will add some type of challenge that helps you feel the timing of a rush – contraction – so that in the thick of labor you can remember that this too shall pass. During a prenatal yoga class you will end up adding many more tools to your tool belt that will help you during difficulty during your pregnancy, labor, and motherhood.

Practice in Peace and Love ❤

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