The Concept of Ego

Recently I started reading a new book based around the works of Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan. The book, “The Teachings of Don Carlos” by Victor Sanchez, takes the concepts of the books written by Castaneda and reproduces them in a hands on and practical manner for the reader to explore.


In the beginnings of the book, Sanchez, goes over the basics of what Don Juan’s spirituality and policies for the world are, one of the concepts he delves into is the idea of the ego:


“Social class, nationality, sex, personality, religion, political ideology, complexes, and traumas, are only some examples of the many details that make up our personal history, thereby determining the what and the how of our daily existence…Ego and personal history are intimately related insofar as the first is the functional expression of the second. It is the ego that daily compels us to sustain our personal history and act according to its dictates.”


This concept of the ego being attached to personal history, as well as personal alliances, adds a new layer to our understanding that is often lost in today’s use of the word. Instead of the ego just being a symptom and something that ‘just gets too big’; in reality the ego is something that is confirming the personal identities and cementing our separation from one another.


The word ego has become a bit of a buzz word. The concept of ego has evolved into more of an idea of personal power, strong emotional reactions, and unchecked ambitions; and not in fact all of our personal identity that removes us from the underlying understanding that we are pure Spirits. We only allow ourselves to separate the parts of the ego that we do not like, or are uncomfortable; and not our whole understanding of who we are.


Thus if we take Don Juan’s understanding of the ego and personal history into account, the idea of killing or weakening the ego takes on a whole new meaning, and a much more impactful and terrifying understanding. We are no longer just saying, “take what you or your sub culture deem as unacceptable and remove it” we are now saying, “take everything that you think you are, and destroy it. Whether you like it or not”. The latter can be a much more daunting and frightening thought.


The ability to remove the ego from ones self can be one of the most difficult and confusing, as well as the most gratifying tasks that we as Spirits can undertake. It is when the ego is fully destroyed that someone is said to reach true enlightenment. When one no longer has a personal history that they are working from within their day to day life.


Removing the ego and personal history out of our thought process then becomes the ultimate freedom within our lives. No longer are we making decisions on fear, or anxiety, or even a learned pattern of behavior – from the biggest to the smallest ideas. We now can make decisions that flow within the pattern of life itself.


It boggles the mind to think of how much one must remove about themselves. No longer are you a gender, have a color hair, work in one place or another. No longer are a parent, sibling, or a partner for anything. No. Once the ego is removed all that is left is the energy that each and every one of us is made of at the core. There is no trauma causing one to change decisions regarding their life path, or boundaries of any kind. Within Don Juan’s definition, the ego can be something difficult to understand; and yet something simple at the same time.


When thinking on these concepts, or trying to remove your own ego, I offer this exercise:


Sit across from another person, so close that you touch. Look into their eyes and set a timer for 3 minuets. Have them ask you the question, “Tell me who you are”, and then do and say nothing but just look in their eyes. Afterwards do the same for them. Listen and witness what comes out of each of you. Notice the terms and ideas that flow when asked such a simple and complex question; and wait until the day where the pure answer is just, “AUM”.


Practice in Peace and Love ❤

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Here are the thoughts that hit me after everything is done and quiet, capturing the few moments of enlightenment between the grind and giving it a place to inspire. A place for yoga and divine inspiration.
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