Spot Light on Asanas

Child's Pose

In this page you will find different takes on traditional poses in yoga. I include how to get into the pose, different alternative expressions, how to get out of the pose, counter poses, how to fit into a flow, and ways to focus energy and attention. Each pose will be later incorporated into a short flow that you can practice at home.

I have chosen and focused each pose and flow based on themes surrounding the time of year they are written. Including astrological, seasonal, and cultural themes for the year. I will also incorporate different yoga sutras and themes from traditional texts.

Each flow and pose has the ability to be practiced for yogies of all levels. I have included detailed descriptions to prevent injury and promote mastery of each pose.

My goal for this page and the posts within it is to deepen the knowledge of poses for advanced and novice yogies alike. They can be used as a refresher for teachers and advanced yogies, or as a starting point for novices. I want to give a circumvented view of poses and flows so that they can be practiced at home. I also what to help self practicing yogies become more independent of videos and written flows of others by creating their own based on need and physical makeup; while still staying safe and avoiding injury.


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2 Responses to Spot Light on Asanas

  1. Pragati says:

    M totally new to yoga…can u suggest yoga poses for UC which is in mild condition as per doctors..


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