Surya Namaskara A or Sun Salutation A


I have decided to start a series with these pages focusing on the Sun Salutation A, or Surya Namaskara A. I will start with the full flow then go in to particulars about each pose worked in this sequence. Surya Namaskara is a wonderful practice to begin a flow with and warm up the body for a full flow. Used properly, this flow can be interwoven into any flow, used improperly this flow can cause injury by putting to much stress on the wrists, shoulders, and ankles.

How To Practice


Start in Samasthihi or mountain pose.


Inhale you hands over head coming into Urdhva Hastasana


Exhale folding forward at your hips coming into Uttanasana

Inhale coming up half way into Ardha Uttanasana

Exhale fold back into Uttanasana. Plant your hands and step or jump back to Phalakasana


Same Exhale brings you down in Chaturanga Dandasana


Inhale dropping the toes and using strong legs into Urdhva Mukha Svanasana


Exhale into Adho Mukha Svanasana
Breath. Pushing the earth away with your palms and feet. Heals should be working towards the earth.


Take one more long inhale. Exhale stepping or jumping the feet between the hands in Uttanasana

Inhale into Ardha Uttanasana


Exhale into Uttanasana


Inhale back up into Urdhva Hastasana

Exhale hands to the heart in Samasthihi

Other Comments

Be sure if you are stepping forward verses jumping be sure you are switching feet every other time and are practicing an even number to create balance. If you are practicing in the morning, be sure that even if you can jump forward, you are stepping to wake up the body until you are use to the contractions of the muscles.

I do not recommend this flow for the beginning of a calm, meditative practice, as it introduces vigor to a practice which is inappropriate for a calmer yin practice.

Counter Poses

There are some great poses to use to balance out the shoulders. If practicing for an Ashtanga flow following the Primary Series of Standing Sequences. If you are not using it for Ashtanga I recommend just adding Padangusthasana and Padahastasana after Surya Namaskara A, and then incorporating other shoulder openers throughout your standing sequence.

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