Yoga Bio and Teaching Philosophy

Yoga has always been more than a physical practice to me. Even when I started studying as a child, I felt the deep interconnectivity of the practice in other areas of my life. Yoga helped me heal physically, mentally, and spiritually; removing negative energies and replacing them with positivity. By the time I entered a studio, I had already been practicing for ten years, and thought I knew what to expect from a class. How very wrong I was. It was a life-changing experience that altered my way of practice forever, and after college I changed my life path to bring the yoga experience to others.

I trained to be a RYT at House of Yoga in Berkley MI. Having a traditional and Jivamukta base, the teacher training helped deepen my respect and love of the practice, while fueling my love of intellect with historical and symbolic study. During my training I developed a love of Ashtanga and traditional yoga practices. Though I also enjoyed teaching basic chakra hatha and yin yoga as well as crafting sequences to help people with auto-immune aliments; I find myself consistently drawn to the individual as well as the traditional bases of yoga.

In the spring of 2017 I was fortunate enough to earn my Prenatal Yoga Certification. I worked hard and was extensively trained on all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond (we even dabbled in Fetal Mental Health šŸ™‚ ). I have found a whole new calling in helping women, and their partners prepare in all ways to welcoming a new life into their homes.

I believe that teaching yoga is about compassionately teaching a traditional tool to others as a practice. This practice brings a more peaceful state of mind and soul. Yoga has brought me peace of mind and an ability to let go of old wounds, and this is what I bring my students both in individual as well as group study.